2000s fashion trends and nostalgia

just a group talking abt 2000s fashion trends, styles, music, and 2000s nostalgia overall. if u r a fan of 2000s nostalgia, come join.

we will discuss everything popular during the 2000s in fashion, whether that's juicy couture, scene/emo/grunge/punk/alt/goth/rave, and many more! luvs it! we will also discuss 2000s music, movies, tv shows, and just overall nostalgia and fun during those times, as well as pop culture pre-2000s and even post-2000s.

if u r interested in becoming a moder8or 4 this group, plz let me know privately, and i'll c what i can do.

but yea, come join! it'll b fun, iconic, and v nostalgic! luv y'all! 👛🛍💎

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