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If you read 2600, are interested in 2600, go to 2600 meetings, write for 2600, wish 2600 would publish your work, hate 2600, wrap fish in 2600, raided 2600 at Pentagon City Mall, hang out in #2600, get defensive when Eric gets compared to a Wookie, compare Eric to a Wookie, feel that Atari 2600 owners are alluponz your number, or are tragically lacking in any other way to make friends, this is the group for you!
(2600 refers to the 2600 hertz, the tone formerly used by a blue box to gain control of telephone networks, in case you came here for "hacker" and were wondering about the weird number.)
This group strives to be politically nonpartisan while supporting common-sense bipartisan political issues such as free speech and personal privacy. Group narrative is guided by members and moderators and may not reflect the editorial position of 2600 Magazine.
Comments or statements in this space, including those by yours truly, are personal representations, and may not represent the position of the magazine.
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