The 1990’s!

Hello! This group is dedicated to the 1990’s and all ages are welcome, whether you want to be nostalgic with other 90’s kids, or learn about the decade from people who experienced it! Anything 90’s can be talked about here. Fashion, music, food, hobbies, video games, tech, anything! 


1. If you’re an adult, be nice to kids. If you’re a kid, be nice to adults. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

2. Everyone is respected here. Respect all races, genders, sexes, religions, beliefs, sexualities, etc. If someone is giving you a hard time, block and report them. 

3. Please keep this 90’s related. Last time I checked, it’s kinda the whole point of this group…

4. Do NOT hate on anyone’s favorite bands, foods, trends, etc of that time period. This is supposed to be a fun place so don’t tell someone “(artist/band) is overrated” 

5. Keep this age appropriate. By age appropriate I mean that minors are allowed on this group so don’t talk about anything inappropriate. (Use your best judgement before posting anything)

6. Have fun! I hope you enjoy this group and find welcoming people who would like to talk with you about the 90’s! <3

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