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The Rawring 20s! (2000s E... group picture

The Rawring 20s! (2000s Emo/Scene)

TO THE RAWRING 20S! The Rawring 20s is the SpaceHey version of a well known 2000's alternative nostalgia Facebook group! Here you can join to talk about memories of your emo/scene/goth teen years and ...

Category: Music

Reclaiming the Internet group picture

Reclaiming the Internet

This group is for people who are sick of modern social media algorithms and miss the days when the web wasn't so centralized. Read more . It's not just you, the internet kind of sucks nowadays. Google...

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

sc3mo k1dz!! group picture

sc3mo k1dz!!

a group 4 all things scene and emo!!! ~ xD any age can join, just dont b creepy ofc!!! 

Category: Friends

2000s fashion trends and ... group picture

2000s fashion trends and nostalgia

just a group talking abt 2000s fashion trends, styles, music, and 2000s nostalgia overall. if u r a fan of 2000s nostalgia, come join. we will discuss everything popular during the 2000s in fashion, w...

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Paranormal Stuff group picture

Paranormal Stuff

A group to discuss paranormal stuff. UFOs, aliens, ESP, remote viewing, cryptids, Mandela effect, government conspiracies, ghosts, telekinesis, general unexplained phenomenon, etc. Feel free to share ...

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

MySpace93 Fwiends group picture

MySpace93 Fwiends

MySpace93 has been down since 6/29/21. This is a landing ground for the 80,000+ MS93 refugees. Let's regroup, recover, and thrive in this new land! (Regular SpaceHey users are welcome to join)

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

EMO'S NOT DEAD group picture


Emo will never die. rawr MYSPACE IS BACK!!! EMO'S NOT DEAD is an extension of the Facebook Group of the same name. We are a community of nostalgic people reminiscing about the past, talking about musi...

Category: Music

The Gays group picture

The Gays

[ Join Group ︱ Bulletin Board ︱ Group Forum ︱ Edit Group ︱ View Members ︱ Mods ︱ Banned ︱ Leave Group ] The Gays have arrived. Welcome to the 1st Gay and Lesbian SpaceHey Group. Check out The Forum fo...

Category: Life

Misfit Mashers (We Have a... group picture

Misfit Mashers (We Have a Discord Server Now!!!)

A group to talk about all things games! Whether you're a console, handheld, or PC player, you will be welcome here. Streamers, TikTokers, and Youtubers are also welcome here. Please ...

Category: Games

HTML group picture


Click Image Below To See All Profile IDS ** Start With This Blank Stylesheet To Make Your Own Layout ** *** Test Coding In Real Time Before Applying To Your Profile *** Changing Background Colors  & A...

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

420cuties group picture


A group for all the 420 friendly peeps!  EVERYONE IS WELCOME.  Keep it tame, and as always be kind!  We are an open minded, accepting community!  All SpaceHey rules apply! 

Category: Life

SpaceHey group picture


Hello everyone — This is a Group for any kind of Feedback, Ideas or Bug Reports on SpaceHey! Please use the Group Forum for Bug Reports, Feature Ideas and Ideas for Improvements. If you want to talk a...

Category: SpaceHey

Obscure Music group picture

Obscure Music

This is a group to share any obscure music you like or find. It could be The Caretaker's vaporwave for old people or Caroliner's industrial bluegrass. It could be someone's experimental microtonal mis...

Category: Music

Anime Fans group picture

Anime Fans

A group for all things anime! Not limited to just 2000's/old school anime! Games, manga, movies, shows, all are welcome!

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Furries of SpaceHey group picture

Furries of SpaceHey

A group for all the furries of SpaceHey to hang out! :D Join the Discord server! But first, some rules; 1. NO BIGOTRY There will be zero tolerance for any bigotry toward, but not limited to, age, gend...

Category: Friends

80's lovers group picture

80's lovers

A group where you can share videos, memories and photos about one of the most interesting decade of all times, from 1980 to 1989!

Category: Music


Newly created Groups

Group Name Members
Swaggy minors <3 group picture

Swaggy minors <3

Category: Music

xenogender ppl!! group picture

xenogender ppl!!

a group for people will xenogenders!!

Category: Friends

Competitive swimmers! group picture

Competitive swimmers!

No hate, bullying, homophobia, transphobia, racism, etc.

Category: Sports

SFW Age Regressors (littl... group picture

SFW Age Regressors (littles :D)

No hate will be tolerated!

Category: Friends

RAVE K!DS group picture


Discussing all things ravvvveeesss

Category: Activities

same page club  group picture

same page club

Category: Friends

the alt kids in town group picture

the alt kids in town

This is a group for all alternative fashion! Bring snacks, a comfy blanket and your eyeliner; you will always be welcome here ^^ Rules: - Don't make fun of any style or subculture, their fashion is ju...

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Trans people B) group picture

Trans people B)


Category: Life

The Sybilliad Academy  group picture

The Sybilliad Academy

Category: Life

Ironmaiden fans group picture

Ironmaiden fans

only iron maiden fans only

Category: Music

Cosplayerz group picture


I we do not tolerate bullying, homophobia, transphobia, bigotry, etc.  We accept any cosplayers as long as you cosplay respectfully! Have fun!

Category: Friends

Highrise Users group picture

Highrise Users

Category: Games

Permian Basin Homeschoole... group picture

Permian Basin Homeschoolers

Welcome to Permian Basin Homeschoolers Group!  My hopes in creating this group is you can find likeminded homeschoolers in the area to get to know, socialize, bond with. 

Category: School, College, University

Venting group picture


Category: Life

the cody band ae group picture

the cody band ae

okay, i wanna start a band, so i made this group! singing: Cody/Me drumset: Cody/Me bass guitar: electric guitar: keyboard/synthesizer: Other instruments and the people: ...nothing?.. we all have to b...

Category: Music

✥Black Butler Fanzz✥ group picture

✥Black Butler Fanzz✥

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities