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While I do agree the EE is the more polished and technically superior way to experience this story, and respect the desire to avoid your audience being spoiled for your upcoming show, I still believe that the original version has charm and value that should not be erased or hidden.

Therefore until the rest of the series is uploaded in its entirety to Jello's youtube channel in the same way episode 1 and 2 are (and perhaps even after) I will continue to link to the archived version of these videos.



With all that heavy shit out the way welcome! Same rules apply as you'd find anywhere else, No Racism, No Sexism, No Homophobia or bashing on less publicly accepted parts of the queer community like Xenogenders or Neo pronouns, No NSFW please (especially not of minors), and No Doxxing, just don't be a dick.


Anime Campaign Archive

How to play Epithets/Anime campaign Google Doc

AC 1 official

AC 2 official

Red Stitch Report (A non official campaign run by a member of the OG AC cast)

Red Stitch Report Character Creation

Red Stitch Report Rule Book

Anime Campaign's Jukebox

Anime Campaign ep 0 recap

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