Cringe culture is dead!!!!

This group is for all the people that are considered cringe by all those stupid people that think that cringe culture is not dead xD Emo's, Therians, Furries, Creepypasta fans, cartoon watchers, gacha and many more!!!

The rules are simple!!!

1 be respectful 

Do not be mean to any1!!! There's no need to hate on no one unless they are being bad ppl like transphobic or other shit!!

2 No Homo/Trans/Bi/Lesbianphobia!!! 

This is a safe space for all LGBT ppl!! even xeno-neo users :3

3 No ableism.

Here we accept all neurodivergent ppl!! so yea, if you are abelist just go away!! oh and respect for ppl that are systems! only traumagenic system are welcome here, endo systems can go away thanks

4 HAV  FUN!!!!!!!

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