Daddy’s,Mommy’s And the lil’s Who Love Them

This group is for adult men and women 21+ that are Doms(Dommes)and babygirls to talk interact and post pictures of many kinds not including nudes. Feel free to like and enjoy.
This is a D/s lifestyle group for "Daddy Doms" as well as “Mommy Dommes” and (adult) "lil girls/babygirls." This is a place for friendly conversation and discussion of relationship issues associated with being the kind of dominant known as a Daddy Dom(Mommy Domme) and/or a submissive lil partner of a Daddy or Mommy. This is a safe place to express the "lil" deep inside.The terms "Daddy" (or "Mommy"), "lil," "little," "babygirl" (or "babyboy"), etc. are to be read as broadly inclusively as possible without connection to gender identification or D/s orientation. 
We are accepting of all kinds of players within this dynamic. This group DOES NOT refer specifically to age play. While age play is part of the Daddy Dom - lil dynamic for many, and may be discussed here from time to time, it does not define the dynamic. All members should feel free to post in this group in whatever "voice" makes them the most comfortable. 
Be aware, however, that posts in anything but standard English may be more difficult for readers to understand and respond to appropriately.If you have any concerns, please feel free to pm an admin.

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