Your Friendly Religious Zealots

We are your friends now, you will learn about the Bible, will watch the Passion Of The Christ and Lord Of The Rings every day with us and will most significantly BRING ME NUM NUMS. Tell your family that you aren't an ordinary gremlin anymore, for you are a man, a hero, a soldier of Christ, MY SNUGGLEBUNNY. We were previously an anti SPQR coalition, but after smashing those horse tending, lily livered sissies we now dedicate ourselves to the noble art of scrawling through archaic biblical texts, chivalrously curb stomping heretics, storming illicit brothels and chivalrously curb stomping heretics. Not much else to know except that we are all sentient, are being threatened by a Welsh man in his 30's, alongside his thralls daily and are overall some pretty nice chaps. You won't find anyone else who is as much of a happy camper as we are. Note to all observers, beware anyone from Wales, especially those who claim to be apart of the medical industry, THEY ARE A CHARLATAN AND A FRAUD. This post was sponsored by Rangerkins The Waterfowl, SQUARK, SQUARK, a birdy that looks over us with a vigilant, ever watchful gaze. Give praise to the waterfowl.

“In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

“Our white garments decorated with the Blood Red Cross remind each of us that we must be capable of making sacrifices. Do not strive for worldly wealth—perhaps tomorrow we might have to give account of ourselves. We shall not know, until it is too late, for excuses are not acceptable to the Greatest Being, Almighty God.”

“I pledge myself, from now and forever, to the holy Militia of the Order of the Temple. I declare to take freely and solemnly oath of obedience, poverty and chastity, as well as fraternity, hospitality and preliation.”

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