A subculture based on weirdcore and dreamcore. It also can intersect with any alternative subculture if it is not the main focus. Anything from fashion to music, art, and photography is preferred, as well as discussions relating to the topic. Roleplays are also fine.


  1. No NSFW. This goes without saying, but there are minors here in general, including myself, and there will be minors joining. Secondly, some people who are of age will not want to see NSFW Content. Therefore, it is best to keep anything unsuitable for those under 18 away from this server. The same goes for excessive gore.

  2. No bigotry. Under no circumstances are you to discriminate based on race, sexuality, gender, nationality, ethnicity, disorder, disability, or anything that relates. No slurs as well

  3. No creeps (the bad ones). Do not join if you are a pedo, a zoo, a fetishiser of any community, or anything else that harms anyone or anything.

  4. No fights. please keep discourse tame or calm. A discussion, conversation, or small disagreement should be that. Nothing else.

  5. Respect the group leader and mods. Acting rude towards one will most likely get you removed.

  6. Use your common sense. Please think before you post. It is not hard.

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