Welcome everyone.

This group is mostly to post some of the better content from the old days of My Life is Average (MLIA) and FML (F*** My Life). At this point in time these sites have gone the way of Xanga and a lot of other fun sites. Please feel free to post classics and originals to your hearts content. Edit, FML still exists.

Rules: Not too many, but you should try not to bee too much of an ass. The original spirit of these posts was to be fairly benign and pedantic so shocking or offensive stuff doesn't fit. I'll delete stuff if need be, but I'm hoping I won't have to. 

Format: Just add FML or MLIA at the end of your post depending on the context.


Yesterday, I noticed that in the back of my latin class there is a locked closet. Next to it is a glowing red button. So today, I put a sign up over it saying "push for Narnia" with a big arrow under it. My Latin teacher gave me a high five. MLIA.

Today, my parents informed me they got divorced in 2005. It's 2013. FML.

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