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I’m hyperfixating on this silly little movie and book again i can never escape him.

anyways! i just wanted to make a group for my friends and i so we could talk about AP but everyone is welcome 2 join just follow some simple rules and guidelines!

- No “Sigma” posting (lol just created a new term) , i know that literally everyone on Spacehey are very much not the type of people to act that way and post stuff like that, but please don’t post about Sigma Patrick Bateman, he’s a disgrace to the world and must be left to rot in the bad side of Tiktok.

-be kind and respectful! respect pronouns, genders, etc no matter what, just because someone might use neopronouns or xenogenders does NOT mean you can make fun of them or bully them!! 

-no spam posting or trolling plz <3

uhh that might be it for now XD, enjoy your time here :3 -Azrael

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