Gyarus (all substyles allowed)

Often referred to as foreign gyaru or western gyaru and online as 外人ギャル (gaijin gyaru). Women and even men outside Japan who participate in gyaru; "western" gyaru also includes countries outside of the West, such as the Middle East. This includes women who have gravitated towards this fashion by going or doing gyaru and its substyles and men who gravitate to gyaru-oWestern gyaru or gaijin gyaru created their own communities or groups and forums. They also had lists of tutorials or YouTube playlists to help beginners to gyaru with their application of makeup and how to create the appropriate hairstyles. Gyaru became popular outside of Japan due to the help of bookstores selling gyaru magazines in western countries and social media networks also helped it expand abroad.

1 Follow the SpaceHey Rules duh
2 Dont hate on people( unless their not being gyaru/not giving tips and just being blantanly racist/colorist, for example: those gyarus that say poc people are to dark (even though then report for rascim)

2.5 if Nobody aksed for your contrusitve critism then dont assume they want it 

3 Have fun!

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i think my moms gonna let me be a gyaru :3 0