future aesthetics; HD-rave-Club-culturecore

This is our place to embrace future CultureCore: Art (2D-3D, CGI) and Graphic Design, aesthetics and style, interior-decoration, Music, Animation, Movies, Fashion, Tech, customization, OldschOoL and High Quality media!
Aesthetics: nostalgiacore, sCemo (-xCenE), older brother core aesthetic, mcBling- urBling, frutiger aero-metro-aurora-funky seasons, angelcore, redCore, techcore, cybercore, chrome, dReaMcoRe, y2k, brohoe, Dance Arcades [ダンスアーケード]

(-Sub)cultures: gyaru, cybergoth, iNDUSTrial, paLe, goth, scemo, Rave
tech-zone, HD-Future Culture Rave scene GOEZ HARDER THAN ANYTHiNG!!
Did u ever have a dream about a multi-perplexed concept of Life contemporary people intend to catch up with, and u also like Motorola flip-phones, blasting cOoL music from ur speakrz, dressing up like a fashionista, getting tipsy and sipping ur Chai-tea just cuz u like to feel a little exquisite about ur Life? VVell, babe! Then future-culture is the thing for U! ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚

Feel free get hyperlinked into our discord server:
https://discord.gg/agHdTrgxAj (HD-future-rave-Club-culture)

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