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*** Test Coding In Real Time Before Applying To Your Profile ***

Changing Background Colors & Adding Background Images:

- Main
- Profile
- Top
- Top Nav Links (Home, Browse, etc)
- Search Users Box
- Buttons
- Profile Name
- General About Section
- Mood
- Contact Box
- Interests Section / Social Links
- Blog Section
- About Me / Who I'd Like To Meet Section
- Friends Section
- Comments 
- SpaceHey Logo 
- Footer Links

Headers - Changing Background Colors & Adding Background Images:

- Contact Heading
- Interests Section / Social Links Heading
- Blogs Heading
Blurbs Heading
- Friends / Comments Heading

Adding Borders

- Top
- Logo
- Top Search Box
- Buttons
- Top Links
- Profile Name
- Profile Photo
- General About Section
- Mood
- Contact Box
- URL Box
- Interests / Social Links
- 'XXX Is Your Friend'
- Blogs
- Friends 
- Comments
- Footer

Hiding Stuff:

Hiding Profile Content Master Thread
Hide Contact Icons

Changing Text & Links Colors:

- Change Text Colors
- Change Link Colors
- Background Image on Link Hover


- Spotify Playlist

- Autoplay Youtube Playlist
- Floating Mini Soundcloud Player

Other Coding:

- Top 8 
- Scroll Boxes 
- Change "Online Now" Icon
- Custom Interests Section Titles 
Put Your Comments In A Scroll Box 
Adding Photos/Images To Your Profile
- Resizing Images on your Profile
Centering Text & Images in Blurbs Section
Change Profile Width
Single Column Profile
Custom Header Text
Add Rounded Corners To Your Profile
- Importing and changing Fonts
- Profile Intro Animation
- Flip Your Profile
- Adding Banner To Profile
- Replace Contact Icons With Emoji
- Customize Scrollbar
- Add Border To Profile
- Raining Images 
- Un-bold All Links On Profile

Suggested Sources:

- HTML Color Codes
HTML Color Codes From an Image
- Custom Cursors
- Old School GIFS
- Google Fonts
- Unsplash Wallpapers
- Subtle Patterns (Wallpapers)

Featured Layouts

Simple Sunflower by aleeex
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Cash By Mikey
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Rogue Net by  R0gU3_K3y5
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Blue Plaid By heath
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Put Your Comments In A Scroll Box 1
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Change Interests Section Titles 1