Half-Life Enjoyers!

Hi!!! This is a group for people who enjoy Half-Life games! This includes Blue Shift, Opposing Force, and Black Mesa! And more!

This group is system friendly, and not open to syscourse! All are welcome here, so long as nobody is being hurtful. (The creator of this group is a Half-Life introject! Host of a system)


  • This group is 16+!
  • That being said, no NSFW or 18+ content allowed! This includes: Intense gore and graphic content, sexual content.
  • Swearing is perfectly fine, but don't swear in every single message you send!
  • Please, no venting or ranting to a serious degree. If you feel like you or someone else may be in danger, please take the right measures and find a hotline.
  • Have fun! The rules may be added onto in the future!

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