Would You Rather

Post hypothetical “would you rathers?” and discuss! I found would you rathers to be a great icebreaker especially for someone like me, who is bad at talking to new people. 

Regulations on would you rathers 

  • Nothing venturing out into sexual violence and incest 
  • No bigotry including usage of slurs and hate crimes
  • Smash or pass is alright as long as (1) They are of consenting age. (2) Not a loli nor shota (3) Not a real person or animal. 
  • Monsterfucking is fine. 
  • Avoid hypotheticals relating to the death or violence of real people/groups/animals. 
  • Avoid hypotheticals relating to politics.
  • Philosophical questions are fine


  • These questions are meant to stir discussion, not arguments. Please be civil during your discussions or disciplinary actions will be taken. 
  • If you have questions, ask me

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