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Japanese blues/Enka[edit]

Ichiro Fujiyama, influential ryūkōka singer

After the Meiji Restoration introduced Western musical instruction, Izawa Shuji (a bureaucrat) compiled songs like "Auld Lang Syne".[15] Two major forms of music that developed during this period were shōka, which was composed to bring western music to schools, and gunka.[16]

As Japan moved towards representative democracy in the late 19th century, leaders hired singers to sell copies of songs that aired their messages, since the leaders themselves were usually prohibited from speaking in public. A distinctively Japanese form of tango called "dodompa" emerged. Kayōkyoku became associated with traditional Japanese structures influenced by Enka. Famous enka singers include Hibari MisoraSaburo KitajimaIkuzo Yoshi and Haruo Minami.

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