Welcome to PonyVille! PonyVille is a town in the world of Equestria, the main setting of the series My Little Pony, and home to the Mane 6. Ponyville is first featured in episode 1 and is the setting for most of the episodes in the show.


1. No off-topic Discussions

2.No ERP (Erotic Roleplay)

3.Please be respectful

4.Do not insult anyone

5. No Innapropriate Posts

6. Art is allowed, But it has to be related to MLP and it has to be appropriate

7. Do not display violence, abuse, harrassment, hateful speech, harmful content, and Illegal  content

8. No Nudity or sexual content.

9. Do NOT manipulate others, bully, or Spam


11.Roleplaying is allowed, but NSFW roleplay is not allowed

12. Arguing is NOT allowed. (Please have a peacefull discussion instead.)

13. Respect People's Opinions.

14. If you're in some drama with another Pony Please do not post it here 

16. Online dating is not allowed.

15. have fun!!

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