Military Surplus Enthusiasts

Welcome to the Military Surplus Enthusiasts group!

Here is a place for collectors and other like-minded of military surplus, equipment, and more!

Military surplus is anything that comes from a military as an excess good, but anything from any military is fine even if its current use, like war trophies or just cool looking uniforms.

The rules are simple:

-Please respect other’s opinions regarding certain pieces of equipment and please keep things civil.

-Under no circumstances are arguments about politics to occur. Seriously, keep social issues and political issues to yourself. This is not the place for that. If you speak about past political and social issues that are relevant to the discussion in a historical manner, that may be permissible and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

-please do not be hateful of others for any reason.

-no NSFW under any circumstances. That means NO SNUFF. AT ALL. No sexual content either. If there is some blood in an image, that’s not necessarily against the rules, but anything excessive is a no no.

-art of military stuff is perfectly fine! Just keep it safe for work.

If you have any issues with these rules or have ideas for new ones, please type them in the pinned forum post.


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What is a current piece of surplus you want to buy next, but can’t? 0
What is a current piece of surplus you want to buy next, but can’t? 0
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Favorite piece of surplus you own? 3