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Welcome to Obscure Beats Syndicate, a sanctuary for the unearthed and the underrated in electronic music. Our group is dedicated to discovering and discussing the lost sounds of the 90s and 2000s electronic music scene, with a particular affection for genres like downtempo, IDM, Drum and Base and deep house. In this community, we delve into the shadows of the electronic music world, uncovering tracks and artists that slipped under the radar. It's a place for sharing those rare, obscure gems - the songs that didn't make it to the mainstream but are cherished for their unique sound and innovative approach. Our focus is on the exploration of lesser-known artists and groups, the ones who pushed the boundaries of electronic music but remained hidden in the vast sea of sounds. Members are encouraged to bring their hidden favorites into the light, sharing stories, tracks, and the history behind these underappreciated pioneers. Obscure Beats Syndicate isn't just about listening to music; it's about rediscovering the forgotten chapters of electronic music history and giving a voice to the artists who deserve recognition. Join us in this journey through the uncharted territories of sound, and help keep the spirit of these lost musical treasures alive.

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