Original Character/Self-insert

If anyone has Any Original Characters or Ocs or Self-insert  this is the place for you can post stories,Drawing,Facts and other things about your Characters and insert

  1. Post anything about your Oc or Self-insert
  2. Do not fight over any character you are crushing on because this a Drama-Free zone. And share if you want. 
  3. Don't post any NSFW art or Links because I don't know if anyone is under age of 18. 
  4. Don't be Racist,Sexist,Homophobic,Transphobic,Ableist,Xenophobic or anything that pretty much Offensive and discriminate others is not ok because we want get along!
  5. You can post Gore or angsty art please put a Warning on it. Because I don't want no one getting Triggered or uncomfortable. 
  6. Any Kid or Teen that Has a Crush on a Fictional Character that older is fine just no Sexual stuff. 
  7. You can show art of your Oc or S-I. 
  8. Do not Sexual harassment or groom anyone on this site or group if see any of this... you will be kicked out,Reported and blocked! 
  9. Do not harassing anyone or Petty reasons or things(Unless it Serious) 
  10. No link to shock sites if I see that I will kick you out of the group. No question ask.
  11. Do not Dox anyone on anyone! If I see that or someone shows me someone had doxxed by anyone in this group  you will be kicked out! 
  12. post funny video. 
  13. you can swear just no Slurs! 
  14. if any any accusation of anyone in this false and you show legit proof the person who made false accusation will be kicked out because this is not ok. 
  15. Have fun and get along! 

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