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Welcome to Project SAFETY, a group focused on keeping SpaceHey safe, and keeping its users comfortable and safe as well. This group will be run by multiple moderators; the owners of this group who share an account + other safety accounts.

The owners have decided to remain anonymous, however, they created the group and the account to fight back against gore & porn spam accounts as well as anyone who is deemed a danger to this website.

All users including moderators are allowed and even encouraged to talk and post about dangerous users, post block and report links to possibly triggering accounts, and so forth.

If you join this group, please make sure to abide to the rules and TOS of SpaceHey, otherwise, you will be banned from the group.

Other than safety, users who join this group may feel free to post whatever feels comfortable enough to them as long as it doesn't cross the line of going into discourse-related things orĀ  breaks the rules. You are allowed to post vents as well as long as you mark the bulletin as a vent and put any needed trigger warnings, but please do not vent often, as we are trying to keep this group relatively positive.
However, any vents containing threats to commit acts of things such as suicide or self harm will result in a user being banned from the group, as well as reported and blocked. Please report any users who post bulletins like these

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Yep! Here are some groups, profiles and other links that are useful!



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Awareness Forum | Safe Space Rentry | Please Live Hotlines

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(Serious forum) Speak about your experiences on this website, and how you would change it in any way you could. 0