Well... SOMEBODY had to make it.

(Made 10/5/21)
SUUUUPER under construction

♥ Be respectful and DONT harass people. Please use roleplay etiquette and internet etiquette!

♥ Roleplay as CHARACTERS, not real life people!
Example: You can roleplay as
Iron Man AND Tony Stark, but you may NOT roleplay as Robert Downey Jr.

♥ Post an intro! (If you want, no pressure, sfdkllk,,,)

♥ If you are unsure if you should ask your partner about something, ASK THEM!!! Never assume someone is okay with something! Take extra precaution!

♥ Realize that muse=/=mun. If a character says something mean, that does not mean the person WRITING them is mean
On that note...

♥ Overly hateful characters will NOT be tolerated. There it a logical limit to how a character should be written!
Example of an OK character: My charter is a demon hunter because his father was killed by a demon
Example of a NOT OK character: My character hates demons because all of them are unintelligent and hate god so my character is off to kill all demons!

In Character Intros, dont steal/trace art, and if you did not draw the ref of your character, link the artist please!

♥ No godmodding. We all love powerful, cool, awesome characters! Even moreso if your the one writing them! But please remember... The person you are roleplaying wants a chance to be cool too! So be sure not to go overboard!

Most of these rules are just no-brainer stuff, so dont stress over it too much!!! Remember to HAVE FUN!!!!

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