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I made this group for goths/punks/alternatives of all ages, from the Baby Bats to Elders.  This will be a political/social agenda free zone.  I want fellow darklings to come here and socialize, clothing/music/pets/makeup/even stories of the good old days of going to gigs and clubs.  Please no trying to out goth each other or severe gate keeping.  I want to keep it civil and friendly.  

Covid has put a damper on a lot of activities and regular life, so hopefully a group like this can help bring people together.  
Some people barely have any alternative people around them already so again, come here and socialize and have a good time.
I want this group to be for all ages so no sexual content at all what so ever.  Keep it clean and dark.  

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Goth band game!!!! 47
Hi im a baby bat and i need some tips on stuff! 6
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babybat questions! 2
Any goth band recs for baby bats? 1