The Rawring 20s! (2000s Emo/Scene)


The Rawring 20s is the SpaceHey version of a well known 2000's alternative nostalgia Facebook group! Here you can join to talk about memories of your emo/scene/goth teen years and relive your MySpace nostalgia on the MySpace copy website! Talk music, fashion, poetry, artwork, tattoos, piercings, memes, etc.


•Be respectful to other members of the community. 

•Sexual harassment, bullying, doxxing, and trolling is not allowed. 

•Keep posts appropriate. This means no pictures of nudity, self harm, or suicide.

•Roleplaying is allowed but no NSFW roleplays are allowed in forum/bulletin. Please keep it in private chats.

•Please keep spam to a minimum! 

•This is not a dating community! Do not make posts about dating!

•Absolutely NO PLAGERISM! This includes artwork, music, poetry and any other forms of art. 

•No catfishing. This will result in an immediate ban! If you are suspected of catfishing, you will be messaged by community staff requesting you send proof of your identity.

•Refrain from giving out your personal information. 


Group Bulletin Board

From Time Subject
I miss my digital escape 0 Comments
Please join and support our Emo discord community 1 Comment
hii, im new on the group >_< 1 Comment
Re: Song Recommendations 0 Comments
Favorite My chemical Romance song? 7 Comments
Visual Kei, Oshare Kei and Anime 0 Comments
any music recommendations? 4 Comments
favorite millionaires song? any scene band recommendations 4 Comments
does anyone have any song recommendations? 2 Comments
add me!! lookin fo new friends 0 Comments

Group Forum

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