Vocaloid ♡ Cafe☕️

    Welcome to the Vocaloid Cafe, A hangout for mainly things centered around vocaloid and such!! Despite that you’re free to post about other stuff too, i don’t mind! 🤎

     This group was made as of December 2023!! If you happen to be on this page, please consider joining the cafe and posting!  I’ll even send you a follow + respond to the post if you do, not thing to lose! (´▽`ʃƪ)

     If the cafe enough active members we’ll be able to host giveaways, games, add new mods, or maybe even a discord server someday! (◍ ´꒳` ◍)b

 So what are you waiting for?? Join the Vocaloid Cafe!☕️


♡-Must be at least 13 to join!! You’ll be kicked if I find you’re any younger. 

♡-Keep the interactions calm and pleasant so we can keep this a comfortable cafe atmosphere…

♡-Don’t harass or belittle people, im not gonna tolerate it. This group is supposed to be a safespace for others to share their interests.

♡-Please don't spam or flood, it drowns out what others have to say!! Perhaps condense some of what you have to say into one warm cup of coffee(or a post in this case)?☕️

♡-As I’ve said before thsi is a safespace! Respect others identities, beliefs, illness, disability, etc. everyone’s respected here!!

♡- unless they are a: Bigot, Homophobe, Zoo/Pedophile, etc. you “people” are NOT welcome here and I suggest you make your way to the nearest mental facility~🤎

♡-Let’s keep the posts SFW, as this community is open to minors!

♡- You may curse, but keep the slurs down. I was really iffy on this rule at first since there’s reclaimed ones that I myself can use, and some others too. However- it’s easy to fake things online, so even if reclaimed; No slurs.

♡- Braking rules results in consequence, it can range from a strike(up to 3) or a blacklist! 

♡- That’s all! If you have any questions/requests, message me! :]

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