The Unofficial Ween Appreciation Society

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This group is for the fans of the alt-rock group Ween. Stay safe and have fun.

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What is a Ween?

Around 1984 or 1985 in Middle school typing class. The Boognish appeared and offered them the scepters of wealth and power. (It's not too clear if they got them yet). Subsequently they started messing around with home recording, and formed Ween basically to make recordings to amuse their friends and themselves. They were introduced by a mutual friend Scott Lowe through a bond of avant garde music.

Who is Ween?

Ween is a band formed of the brothers Gene and Dean Ween. Regular members also include Claude Coleman Jr. (on drums), Mean Ween, bassist Dave Dreiwitz, keyboard player Glenn McClelland, Andrew Weiss (producer and occasional bassist) and others. Past members in the touring band have included Jason Fuller (keys), Bobby Ogdin, Stu Basore, Danny Parks, Hank Singer, Matt Kohut, and Josh Frees.

Are they really brothers?

Did you really think their real last name was Ween? Gener is Aaron Freeman; Deaner is Michael "Mickey" Melchiondo Jr.

Are they gay?

Sorry to disappoint all the Richard smokers, but they are not. (Both Gene and Dean are raising families)

A country album?

Hey, expand you're horizons pal. It's a beautiful thing.

Is Ween against Women/Jamaicans/Jews/the French/Blacks/Latinos...?

Ween are the most diverse bigots that the entertainment industry has ever seen. As a rainbow band (blacks, jews, Italians, homosexuals (Dreiwitz) Ween has used their un-PC attitude to great effect.

side note: Ween has a diverse fanbase. Don't take it too seriously and have fun, okay? There are many colors in the Homorainbow so let your colors shine~


1. No bigotry, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, etc. Ween is un-PC, but that doesn't mean you can be a dick.

2. No Nazis, you fucking nazi whore

3. Keep discussions related to Ween related bands/topics

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