Warriors Of Christ!!!

This is a call to all True Warriors Of Christ!!! To any brave Knight, Assassin, Or Guardian, that is ready to take on the satanic challenges of the world, and to provide Love, Hope, And Faith, to the people! We are W.O.C. Agents (Warriors Of Christ), and we have A Code...we must always Honor The Code!!! We are a secret society of valiant Freedom Fighters that discuss topics dealing with Christian Faith, Scripture, Escetology (study of the EndTimes/Armageddon/Judgement Day),  destroying the satanic system, and liberating the public from the new world order powers that be...we will not falter, surrender, or crumble, but will stand strong against the invisible tyranny that wishes to enslave us all! Please join me...on the most epic journey, and odyssey, of your entire lives!!! Pro Christo Et Libertate!!! For Christ, And Liberty!!!

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