Stan Str(g)ay kids

Hiii! Just made this group to meet ppl who are stays/listen to stray kids, imma put here some rules cuz yes lmao.

1. The minimum year to join is 10 years and the maximum is 16 years. :3

2. (Idk how this group thing goes so imma say this just in case) in case you can post here pls do not post anything that is extremely innapropiate. (p0rn, gore and all that stuff.)

3. Pls, if you are those kinds of stays that they do or are the following things that I am going to name. Sexualize, leave behind a member of the group, be a cupcake stay (hate on skz for clout when you're supposed to support :v) or basically be a toxic mf.

4. (Another thing just in case.) I'll better not see any pedophilia, arguments or smth like that or you're getting out.

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