ASHA: Ask SpaceHey Anything

Welcome to Ask SpaceHey Anything!
This group is dedicated to all those people who have a question that is hard to answer with just a simple research on Internet.

The aren't so many rules but you should follow them anyway:
  1. Don't ask to ask, just pone your question.
  2. This group is dedicated to people, not for professional help. If you're looking for mental health support or something so technic, you should consider asking to dedicaded groups instead.
  3. Only unanswered questions are allowed. Don't ask things you can easily find on Internet with a simple search.
  4. Never ask harmful things such as ways to spy someone, hacking and so on.
  5. Irony, sarcasm
  6. Nobody is forced to answer your question. Don't ask pretending to get instant answers from anyone.
  7. Embeds are allowed only if followed by text. Posts with only media are forbidden.
  8. Respect. It should be obvious but it's better to specify that you have to keep good manners even behind a screen.
Have fun!

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