The Ashtray

A community to discuss authentic and underground 90s grunge, sludge, crust punk, riot grrrl, noise rock, grindcore, powerviolence, stoner, no wave, d-beat/UK82 hardcore punk -- and all things gritty, abrasive and grimy musically.

Rules are simple: no flame wars, no discrimination and absolutely no whining about "wokeness ruining eveyrhting".

Please try to keep things centered around the '80s-'90s unless discussing bands that are in-line with the group's theme and/or independent/underground (Wh*res. is a great example of a modern band that meets this standard, while something like Code Orange or Knocked Loose doesn't).

This isn't the place for pop punk, metal/death/pxh/core, emo or more mainstream forms of metal (death, thrash, black, prog, djent, etc) as there are other groups for that.

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