For all things astrological. From beginners to professional practitioners of the celestial sciences. 

Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Please be respectful. It is ok to disagree, healthy debate is encouraged, but derogatory speech and behavior is not allowed or tolerated.
  2. Be engaging. Don’t just post your charts saying “what does this mean?” or ask someone to read you. Trust me, in the astrological community it’s frowned upon and it’s no fun. Add some context.
  3. No Spam or links without meaning. Again, be engaging!
  4. Don’t take it personal. You ARE NOT YOUR SIGN. You are all TWELVE signs. Astrologers speak on the energies of the planets and signs in general. We are all well aware not everything applies to everyone. For in-depth, personal insight, YOU NEED YOUR CHART AND A FULL READING.
  5. This is a mainly tropical/western astrological group. If you’re using sidereal or Vedic please label it as such. All methods are welcomed.
  6. Post must be astrological in nature…WARNING:
Astrologers in general do not discriminate when it comes to topics. Astrology has it’s rulership over every facet of life on Earth. Nothing is exempt. HOWEVER, if it is determined that your use of astrology is to segue into a hateful conversation as the primary intention, you will be kicked out. If you can’t show and prove how astrology applies to controversial topics, don’t post it. 

Astrology is ruled by Aquarius, Uranus, and Saturn (in Ancient Astrology). These are the energies of the Scientist and Mathematician. We should remain objective and open to discover with the Celestial Science.

Links to help you study:

My name is Marie Rousseau. I am a practical and predictive astrologer and student of Cozmophyzix and Magi Astrology. I am the host of THE EGOIST PODCAST, a podcast about how to be you, using the motions of the stars.

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