idc if astrology isn't "real" its fun

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Welcome to spaceheys first shitpost astrology group XD, this group will be for discussions surrounding astrology and things related to it! Memes and jokes welcome. Hate and bigotry is NOT.

Group Rules

  • Stay on topic pls <3 u can share an anecdote of ur day if it pertains to astrology, otherwise keep it on ur bulletins
  • Avoid making generalizations towards a certain sign, if u tend to say "I don't like (x sign)" in reference to someone's sun sign, then this is not the group for u!
  • Be friendly to each other !! Don't bash other astrologers who are less knowledgeable/new if they're willing to learn
  • No politics means actual politics (abt political leaders, etc), u are free to discuss problems that affect u (racism, misogyny, queerphobia) if its on topic !
  • AGAIN: no bigotry will be tolerated in this group so if u r any of the following: racist, homophobic, transphobic, a terf, etc. you will be banned.
  • nothing extremely nsfw! id like this group to be open to as many ppl as possible

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