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For all authors and writers who want to share their work and learn their craft in a positive and uplifting community. No edicts or manifestos on how you have to write, but certainly shared techniques, suggestions, and encouragement on how to write powerful prose whether fiction or non-fiction. 

Please follow all SpaceHey community guidelines and be as kind to others in word and deed as you would want them to be to you. Debate is welcome, just make it courteous and civil.

P.S. If you are curious to know the general difference in the usage of the terms author and writer, and author is one who has published a book or volume of work (physical or digital) or been published in a literary journal, review, or trade publication; whereas a writer writes individual pieces or articles for a newspaper, column, magazine, online venues, a blog, brochure, pamphlet, professional manuals, procedures, and on and on. 

So, all authors are writers, but not all writers are authors. Most writers will probably become authors at some point, but there are writers who are content to stay writers. A very fine line of difference with overlap, but there it is.  

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