group for cute autistic people to join!

safe space for all autistics (PLEASE DO NOT JOIN IF YOU ARE ALLISTIC)

come in and have a good time :) 

kill cringe culture


- be respectful of everyone! no trolling, bullying, spam, or harassment, please!

- this community is open to all ages! inappropriate action towards minors is strictly prohibited. please do not publicly post NSFW or nudity, and avoid/tag generally triggering topics (s/h, sui) if possible

- stay safe! please refrain from sharing personal information to those you do not know

- absolutely NO bigoted behavior under any circumstances. hate speech, and supporting or condoning racism, islamophobia, antisemitism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, or ableism is prohibited and you will be banned. n@zis/anyone who identifies with hate groups will be banned on sight.

- specific note on lgbtq+ matters: this is a xenogender- + neopronoun-friendly space. disrespect to any identities or those who use those labels is not allowed, you will be warned or banned depending on the offense. anyone who identifies as an mspec or straight lesbian(or mspec+straight gay) will be banned, lesbiphobia is taken seriously here.

-aren't sure about a rule? need clarification? having trouble with a member/forum? please msg me(catra) for help!

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