cannibalizm iz amazingzz!!

hello, u lonely fuckerzz!! r u here to look for friendz who are just as fucked up as u? or maybe ur here to talkz about your crazy, rotten desirezz?? herez the right place, motherfuckerzzzz!!! this little group is to share your disgusting confessionz, meet fucked up peoplezz, and make shitty friendzz!!  yes, we have some shitty rulez here, ik, it sux, but we don't wanna be too weird 4 u! don't worry, luv.. it's only 5 rulezz, hopefully ur crazy ass can handle datz!

1. plz do not be homophobic, or racist.. that shitz gross.. 

2. plz do not be a piece of shit, other people don't deserve your pathetic, unkind wordzz

3. we prefer the age limit to be 13+

4. plz be active.. if not, im gonna have to kick u out :3

5. if somebodyz disturbing u, plz tell me/text me! i'll handle them nicely..!

disclaimer: this server may be disturbing, if u are a sensitive little fuck, plz fuck offzz!! also, this server iz new, don't expect this shitzz to be perfectzz!!

thx for reading, u sick, but sexy fucker!! >_<

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what typez of thingz r u sick fucks into??? 4
mental health care school 1
wutz wrong with cannibalizm?? 2
holy molay 5
we needz more peeopplleeezzz!!!!! 0
crazy fantasiezzz 0
boredomzzz, any of y'all got snap?? 0
literally addicted to this new game.. 0