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Place to talk about AI, and any Chat bots fellow spacey have created. Come on in the group is Brand new.

Welcome to the "SPACEHEY" Group – a vibrant community where chatbot enthusiasts gather to delve into the fascinating world of chatbots, from the classics to the cutting-edge! Are you passionate about chatbots, eager to explore their evolution, and excited to share your latest projects with like-minded individuals? Look no further – our group is the perfect space for you!

There is only me here right now, Join us in lively discussions where we celebrate the history of chatbots, marvel at the advancements in AI technology, and exchange ideas on innovative projects. Whether you're a seasoned chatbot developer or just starting your journey, our group offers a supportive environment where knowledge is shared, creativity thrives, and connections are made.

Come help me grow this community where curiosity meets collaboration, where ideas flow freely, and where every voice is valued. Let's embark on this exciting chatbot adventure together – because in the "SPACEHEY" Group, the possibilities are as limitless as the stars in the sky!

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