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Please read the group rules below. Thank you!

Group Rules - UPDATED June 10, 2022


1. GENERAL:ย This group is "PG-rated," meaning that any content posted must be safe and suitable for all ages with the parental guidance minors should be receiving while online. Anything that does not fit that description (including but not limited to flaming and/or trolling - which is inflammatory posting meant to purposely set off other members - and pictures/videos/links depicting any sort of violence) is subject to deletion. We are a diverse group of people of all ages, minors included, and members should be mindful of such.

The mods are more than happy to assist you if you have a problem with anyone or anything in the group, but please remember that they are unpaid volunteers who sometimes have to deal with real-life issues. There are some things that you can do to help yourself in the meantime while waiting for a mod response.

A.ย If someone is harassing you or you just don't like the things someone has to say, you can block him or her on your own through the "Block User" function on their profile.

B.ย You can report a specific post to the group mods by clicking the "Report Topic" link under the user's info in the sidebar.

2. FLOUNCING:ย This isn't an airport; no need to announce your departure. We're sorry to see you go if you want to leave, but any flounce posts will be deleted. Such posts are only ever meant to be attention-seeking or cause a massive debate.

3. NO BLOCKING MODERATORS:ย No member may block any mod at any time. Doing so prevents the mod team from successfully running the group and will result in an immediate ban from the group.

A.ย You must be at least 18 years old to engage in any buy/sell/trade transactions in this group.

B.ย Sellersย MAY NOTย request that a buyer pay via PayPal's Friends & Family option. Goods & Services is the only method of payment that buyers should use to protect their funds.

C.ย Club Lisa Frank and its mods are not in any way, shape, or form liable for the results of any transactions. Buyers and sellers are responsible for doing their own research. The mod team is happy to mediate between parties to reach a resolution, but it is not responsible for any individual's actions.

D.ย Please remember to leave accurate feedback for your transactions to help others determine whether or not they want to deal with any other member.

E.ย Feel free to request price checks in this group, but be sure to do your own research by searching eBay's sold listings, as well.

5. NO SALES OR TRADES AT THIS TIME:ย No selling or trading in the group at this time. Spacehey Groups are no adequately set up for an effective feedback system.

6. NO POSTING LIVE AUCTION LINKS THAT AREN'T YOURS:ย Please refrain from posting links to live eBay, Mercari, etc. sales or auctions unless they are your own listings. Ended/sold listings are permitted.

7. NO SHILL BIDDING OR SNIPING SOLD LISTINGS:ย Any member found to be shill bidding on auctions or asking sellers to cancel sales and sell offsite (eBay or otherwise) for more money will be immediately banned. These practices are super-shady. Just don't do it. Everyone loves a deal, and yours will come along sooner or later.

8. NO CHARITY PLEAS:ย Absolutely NO BEGGING for money or free items whatsoever. No fundraising, petitioning, or contest entries/vote solicitation are permitted unless it is directly sponsored by the mod team. This includes links to GoFundMe and similar sites. Please search for local assistance resources on your own.

9. NO POLITICS OR PROSELYTIZING:ย Absolutely no posts about political or religious leanings. Every member is to assume a position of neutrality when posting here. Keep your opinions to yourself and/or your personal Spacehey profile.

DISCLAIMER:ย All members use this group at their own discretion. Club Lisa Frank and its moderators, both as a group and individuals, do not endorse any individual memberโ€™s opinions and are not liable for any damage to any individual or property resulting from group interactions. Club Lisa Frank will cooperate with law enforcement to the fullest extent, should the need arise.

Club Lisa Frank and its moderators, both individually and as a group, are not in any way, shape, or form affiliated with Lisa Frank Inc. This is simply a group of fans sharing and trading their collections.

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