16+ cosplayers/alternatives in the south

Hiya!! I’m Eddie or Lee and I’m the founder of this group. This was made for people in the south to find other cosplayers and people into alternative fashion such as scene, emo, goth, punk, and many more.


1. Always be kind and respectful towards others.

2. No homophobes, racists, antisemitics, etc. (basically no bigoted behavior).

3. Please be considerate of others. No NSFW content and no triggering topics or photos allowed. 

4. Bullying, trolling, or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes poking fun at others cosplaying/fashion style. 

5. Please don’t give specific personal details out. States are fine, addresses are not. Please keep all personal details limited to direct messages. Meetup forums that are held in public areas are fine, but other than that, please keep anything else in direct messages and be safe.

5. Have fun!!

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