Heyo!! Welcome 2 mah group >;3 I'm Nina, thiz group iz 4 creepypasta fanz or basically any1 who wantz to join!!! :D Any1 iz welcome >.< (Besidez creeps, homophobic and transphobic ppl and racists..uhh..) here u can post anything thats related to creepypasta or anything u want ppl to know abt you! :P Thatz basically it.. BAI!!!! (by the way any trolling/hate bulletinz or anything negative in the forums or bulletins will be taken down) 

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Who is ur fav creepypasta and why? 8
Have you ever made a creepypasta summoning? 3
Headcanons 1
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do any of you guyz have a creepypasta OC(s) 1
Opinion on newer creepypastas? 1