Cripplepunk is a movement for PHYSICALLY disabled people (there are madpunk and neuropunk for mental disabilities!!). Cripplepunk was created by Tyler Trewhella.

Cripple punk ideology centers and prioritizes the experiences of disabled people over the pressure to conform to the standards that able-bodied people uphold. The movement is made explicitly by and for people with disabilities and aims to depict how they navigate the world, as opposed to able-bodied people. Participation is not contingent on people being comfortable with using the word "cripple", and alternative spellings or censoring is accepted. The movement tries to change ideas that people with disabilities need to be entirely unproblematic, without fault, and give all of their energy to trying to act or look less disabled; or that of disabled people being either a source of inspiration or that of pity. Instead, it focuses on basic survival and quality of life improvement for disabled people through the support and solidarity of other disabled people.It also supports unlearning forms of internalized ableism, and those who are going through the process of doing so.

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