A place for fans of the Darkstalkers/Vampire series by Capcom. The Darkstalkers fandom is a pretty bad and toxic one where terrible behavior is the norm and that can be seen across the net. Since the creator of this group seems to have had the luck of making the first group for it on the site, they took the opportunity to try and make a public Darkstalkers fan space that can serve as a more peaceful and serene place away from all that stupidity and toxicity and want things to be kept chill as possible.

Some rules:

1. Please be a decent, polite person.

2. Don't be a fucking c00mer and make people uncomfortable. (that's already in the general website rules but this fandom is infamous for a lot of this behavior so just gotta mention) Of course you can comment on suggestive things that are present within the series themselves, as long as it's kept within the game's overall T rating, but don't go overboard. People who are only into Darkstalkers for solely hentai/horny/c00mer based reasons are not allowed here for obvious reasons.

3. Don't do crazy shit like stalk, harass, send death threats .etc because you didn't like how a person viewed or depicted the lore/characterization. There have both been fans and people who worked on official, but within an alternate continuity, Darkstalkers adaptations that aren't accurate to the game's canon or lore who have gotten these crazy things happen to them just because overly obsessive people didn't like their take on a fictional character. You are totally free to criticize depictions you don't like and go into detail on why you don't like it, just don't awful shit over it.

4. While this group does not support harassment over fictional characters, that doesn't mean people like "pro-shippers" are allowed here. This group is against any sort of "pro-ship" content or rhetoric and you will be instantly banned if you share any of that here.

5. While not an instantly bannable offense; don't spread misinformation. You won't be banned on sight for doing so but if you continuously do things like force your own headcanon you thought was canon onto others, especially if you do so aggressively, you will be banned. It's okay to not know everything, and this is a community where we can freely discuss about that and try and inform people about actual information about the series.

6. Have fun and don't be a dick.

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