destiny's gang

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                       DESTINYZ GANG (⁀ᗢ⁀)       The Creature Animal Sticker - The Creature Creature Animal Stickers                            







           Hey Hey Hey!! This is destinyz gang!! ^^

this is just a group 4 hangin out with others, meetin new people, talkin about fashion, memes, music, TV shows and also any age is allowed in this group!! (* ^ ω ^)

     Please read the rules first!! (°▽°)/



              1. No racism, Transphobia, bullying and homophobia


              2. Please do NOT send pictures of self harm or nudity, this is not allowed here. 

              3. No NSFW jokes, it's not allowed here.

              4. Please no profile pictures or names with sexual content 

             5. Please kindly be respectful to other people of this group.


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