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Darkly-Inclined Internet Graphics (DIIG) is a group for darkly-inclined individuals (lovers of darker aesthetics, horror, etc.) to share web graphics (blinkies, favicons, dividers, stamps, gifs, pagedolls, dollmakers, etc.) for our profiles! Users may submit graphics, or make posts requesting certain graphics. I'm hoping one day this group will be a treasure trove of old-web and new-web graphics for goths, emos, scene kids, gorehounds, and people who just love creepy things. This group is PG-13 by nature.

Free blinkie ♡, show your support for DIIG by adding this blinkie to your page!

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1.) Please indicate in the title and at the top of your post if your post has graphics that include flashing or gore, posts that do not tag for these things will be deleted.

2.) When posting gore or violence, use common sense. Artistic gore or things from horror movies are okay, but things from real life sources are not, such as crime scene photos, self-harm photos, etc. Posts that include real-life gore that is not artistic in nature (or deemed too graphic) will be deleted.

3.) Please link back to the post or artist that you sourced your graphics from! Support our artists.

4.) Be kind and respectful to one another!

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