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hello!, and welcome to the draw together gang!! *sample sound of people clapping** here you can share your thoughts, fan art, hated character, love character, fanfic, where to watch the show uncensored and more!!.

now the rules are quite simple!

rule num1: no gore photos, i know that the show have some of that but please at least censure it, i wont like the group be banned, so please, kind human being, no. GORE. please :3.

rule 2: same as the first one but this time with the corn (change the ''c'' for a ''p'' old people who didnt understand) in the show there are a few (A LOT) of clips showing body parts so ya know dont show it here, or at least censure it or talk about it in private chat.

rule 3: no racist, or hate commentary of REAL PERSONDS in the group (just dont be racist or talk shit theres not need of explication here for OBVIOUS REASONDS) if someone is being mean or racist tell me to then kick out that person of this group.

and with all these rules clear then go be you i guess.

 foxxy love

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