Fnaf Roleplay

Five Nights At Freddy's roleplay group




- Be respectful

-be kind

-be sure to use peoples preferred pronouns/names

-cursing is allowed, but don't curse in every sentence!!


- DO be consistent with topic

-DONT switch topics constantly

-DO respect boundaries (this includes: no dirty rp unless other member(s) included consents etc.)

-DONT do unconsented dirty rp with others

-DO respect other member's AUs and OCs

-DONT pick on someones au/oc (example: You're AU is so shitty and far off from the lore, blah blah blah didnt die first blah blah blah did!!)

-DO make sure member involved in rp is okay with whatever shall happen within the scene
-DONT start something without the other members knowledge (This includes: bullying a character someone is playing as without them know, beating up someone without them knowing etc.)

Thats it yall, have a nice ol' time rping and stay swaggy

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