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favorite creepypasta character?! 406
Least favorite character 72
Favorite creepypasta design? 22
favourte creepypasta story? 34
First creepypasta? 73
Are there any poc creepypastas??? 19
scariest creepypasta character? 24
creepypasta project 16
OCS/Versions of characters? 16
3/1/22 2
Creepypasta that scared you the most as a kid 24
do u prefer the canon or fanon versions of the characters? 12
Hiii :D 3
Pls some1 do this w/ me /nf 3
Tales from the Gas Station 0
nina reboot opinions?? 3
What is your Creepypasta Origin? 8
Are there any poc creepypastas??? 2
Any favorite podcast? 1
Favorite Creepypasta Themes or Tropes? 0
How many times have you been in the fandom? 2
getting into creepypasta 2
About headcanons 4
Reinterpretations of classic pastas 2
Roleplay eng\ru 1
Do you like to game? Maybe you just need new friends. I got you join my group to play games as an online club of gamers https://groups.spacehey.com/Gameboi 0
HCS for creepypastas? 7
Opinions on THAT ''version'' of Slenderman? 1
Does an1 know of a creepypasta group on discord? 2
ur fav undead pokemon trainer joins the group 1