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favorite idol?? 89
How would you feel if certain specials from Splatoon 1 (That weren't present in Splatoon 2), came back in Splatoon 3? 11
favorite salmonid? :) 10
Spicy, sweet, or sour? 4
Any tips to get back into the previous games ? 3
Splatoon3 Side Order DLC | Nintendo Feb Direct - Thoughts? 3
Splatoon 3 Salmon Run Reveal 0
which weapon/class do you main? 7
New splatfest, new topic! Dark, milk, or white chocolate? 3
salmon run team! :DDD 2
thread for bad ideas only 2
Dark, Milk, Or White? 3
Big Run Discussion! 2
favorite canon character? 6
who else is excited for next months zeldafest???? 0
New splatfest! [Pokemon x Splatoon] 1
new announcement video from nintendo america! :DDD 1
game features 0
DLC has been announced!!! 1
i wish they had more diverse coloured gear i want to be pink :( 2
Splatoon Coroika Comics Discusion 1
New Squid Sisters songs! 0
New Splatfest: Which of these is real? 0
Nessie/Alien/Bigfoot Splatfest coming up! 0
I need more ppl to play splatoon 3 with 4
if you could change weapon kits, which ones? 1
What’s ur salmon run pay grade 0
most annoying salmonoid? 4
MY PEOPLE (+ What's your main weapon(s)?) 1
Money vs. Fame vs. Love 0
SIZZLE SEASON OUUUT (spoilers ig) 0