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Pinned [MUSIC GENERAL] Music from the Comic/Albums/Fanmade 5
Pinned fav characters 216
Anyone going to sahcon? 0
Requiem Cafe Homestuck Event 2024 1
hs^2 plot theories/predictions 2
{<so im kinda new to this homestuck thing...>} 4
Brand new to Homestuck 3
Homestuck Questionnaire Sheet! 4
Show me your Fantrolls and OCs 4
yay!! can you recommend some MC-focused mspfas?? 0
//> Has anyone played Hiveswap ?? 6
Let's be FRIENDS!!!!!!/, 4
Idk why but it'd be cool if we make Alternian translated book 3
Pesterchum IOS 3
>:3==> So, I'm neww to homestuuck 3
UPD8!?!?!?!!??!!?!? 1
pesterchum users ?? 0
your ocs 8
tell me your rarepairs 6
where can I get other homestuck stamps and blinkies? 2
Karkat’s hair 5
I am reading this >< 0
Shipping opinions 13
i made a public homestuck Revolt server since i dont think there is one already 1
Hiveswap/Friendsim fans!!! Opinions of the Boldir limeblood theory??? 0
What Hom3stuck AU/kind of Hom3stuck AU do you 3njoy th3 most? 7
start discourse about act 6 in the comments!! 6
i want to do despicable things to jack 8
Whos your Favorite dancestor?? 10
I was REALLY REALLY bored so I made a Homestuck oc (help) 2