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What's Your Favorite Scary Movie? 746
Free Horror Movies [links] :P 53
what got you into horror and when? 137
What was the most messed up horror movie you've seen? 51
what's your favorite scary story? 32
Favorite Horror Movie Villain 49
Chucky Series 18
Halloween Kills 16
I made a horror story (check my profile) 2
Opinions on Antlers? 2
Underrated Horror Film? 11
Phycological horror 7
Scream 5 opinions 16
The Boy Yes or No? 9
found footage 5
horror movies based on the internet ? 4
Fav slasher movie? 4
Any good scary short films? 9
Any horror/thriller book recommendations? 5
Favorite Horror Media + Recommendations? 2
What's the horror movie that scared you the most ? :) 5
What's your favorite genre and/or medium of horror? 4
Anyone got some recommendations? 2
Good lesser known horror series? 3
Horror recommendations ? 5
Thoughts on Ouija: origin of evil 3
Any My Bloody Valentine fans? 8
Opinions about the newest Scream movie...SPOLIERS if you haven't seen it yet! 2
Favourite scary lost media? 4
True Crime Podcasts? 7
thoughts on scream 2022 4